Top Houston Attractions That Cost Nothing

At the beginning of our list of top Houston attractions that cost nothing is the Miller Outdoor Theater. You can bring a lawn chair or sit on the grass, as well as sit under the canopy to enjoy the shows put on Spring through Fall. The theater is supported by the Houston Parks & Recreation Department and the shows range from musical acts that encompass folk to opera, as well as plays that include Shakespeare, and hilarious comedies and even include full length Broadway musicals. The theater also sometimes has children’s programs. Did we mention there is no cost to watch for these top Houston attractions?

If you haven’t yet been to our next listing of top Houston attractions that cost nothing then you should go at least once, but be aware that you may find yourself moved to tears. The Holocaust Museum explains the Holocaust in vivid detail, in both film and pictures. This low point in human history is taught in schools and we all know about it, but nothing can compare with seeing the actual footage and pictures at this free admission entry on our top Houston attractions. The museum does have a boat and train car as well.

Next on our list of free top Houston attractions is the King’s Orchard, which does not charge any sort of admission fee, and you are welcome to walk around and look at all the wonderful fruit trees and the beautiful plants that make up the orchard. However, once you get there and see the plump fruit and delicious fresh vegetables on the grounds, you will probably want to grab one of their baskets and pick some fresh fruits and veggies. If you do, you’ll have to pay for what you pick before you leave, but there is not much better than the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables, and that makes this one of the top Houston attractions period.

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