Three Houston Tours That You Should Try

The top three Houston tours start with the Helicopter tour from Danbury, which last an entire hour. Since the area has great weather pretty much all year, the Helicopter Tour is almost always available and is just around $500 for an hour long flight that allows you to see part of Houston, the city of Galveston, Texas and the beach as well as some other amazing sights during your sixty minute flight. The $563 fare to fly around in a helicopter for an hour is for two people, as long as together they weight a maximum of 400 pounds.

Houston Tours offered on board a pontoon boat may be one of the best ways to explore all that Houston has to offer. These Houston tours navigate the bayou and waterways around the city, and allow you to learn about the history of the bayou, as well as see some incredible sights that you wouldn’t be able to catch from the shore. You’ll also get the chance to go the Waugh bridge, where nearly a quarter of a million bats take to the night skies to head out and scour the city. This is one of the Houston tours that offers much more than a normal tourist would be able to see.

The Sam Houston Boat Tour should also be included on our list of Houston Tours, as it is one of the only Houston Tours that is completely free, and named after the military commander who led those fighting for the independence of Texas from Mexico, later becoming a state in our country. This boat tour is one of the most incredible experiences in Houston, offering a 90 minute boat ride, that holds up to 95 people at once time with lounge seating that is air conditioned. If you prefer however, you can view this Best of Houston 2010 Winning Tour from the rail as well.

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