NASA Houston Tours Information

One of the major attractions to the city is NASA Houston Tours that allow you to view information and exhibits related to the space program, including exciting features like zero gravity simulation. These NASA Houston tours start around 9:30 in the morning each day and the visit to the space museum lasts for five hours. You’ll start with watching films about the history of space shuttles and space travel in general in the U.S. and you’ll get the chance to see amazing structures and hardware like a full sized space shuttle and Saturn rocket.

You don’t even have to travel to take these NASA Houston Tours, as the van will pick up from hotels in their pickup area and drive you to the museum, where you’ll spend around 5 and a half hours inside the walls taking in sights like zero gravity simulations, demonstrations on how astronauts eat, sleep and even take showers while they are in outer space, and many other amazing sights, exhibits and demonstrations. The van from these NASA Houston tours will even take you back to your hotel when your done at around 5:00PM.

The best part is, these NASA Houston tours are very affordable, only about $60 for a full day’s activities allowing you to check out everything from the exhibits to the actual demonstrations of space living, and the full sized exhibits of various space craft that we are now exploring our part of the galaxy with. You’ll need to call for reservations, and you may have to pay a bit extra if you are outside the normal pick up area for the NASA Houston Tours van, but it is certain worth it to experience the wonder and mystery of space travel in our country.

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