How to Find Houston Nightlife Events

If you are going to Houston for a vacation or getaway and you are looking for some night time events the night or nights that you are there, then here are some tips for finding Houston nightlife events so that you’ll have something to do at night. One of the best places to look for Houston nightlife events is the community calendar that many of the newspapers publish, especially the art oriented weeklies. They will almost always have a great list of things to do in downtown Houston including concerts, plays and more.

Often bars and clubs in Houston will have special events and guest Deejays or musicians. You may want to call around to some of the bars nearby and ask around, or better yet, go to a bar or club nearby and just ask some of the locals what sort of things are happening in town. This is a great way to find Houston nightlife events, and to make some new friends. Who knows, if you talk to the right people you may find yourself a group of people to explore Houston nightlife events with, or a group to add to your own group of friends that were looking for something to do.

Another idea to find events like plays or symphonies, as well as other special events is to ask the Chamber of Commerce. Often, they will have a whole list of Houston nightlife events that is much more comprehensive than you can find in published sources like the newspaper. If you are closer to one of the libraries in Houston, then you may opt to check there for Houston nightlife events. Another great source for information that you may not have thought of is the Houston cab drivers. They often know quite a bit about what is happening around town.

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