Port of Houston Tours


One of the best Port of Houston tours is the San Houston Boat Tour, which is one of the only Port of Houston tours that is absolutely free. Named for the commander of the military that led troops to fight for the independence of Texas from Mexico, the Sam Houston is one of the most enjoyable Port of Houston tours that you'll find, with a ninety minute boat ride, including the whole round trip travel, along the channel for Houston ships. This is a tour that should not be missed on your next vacation, or stay in the Houston area. The ship leaves the Sam Houston Pavilion, and you'll pass through all of the traffic at one of the busiest ports on the globe, including international cargo vessels, and the Turning Basin Terminal. Up to ninety people can fit on the boat, and the lounge seating on … [Read more...]

NASA Houston Tours Information


One of the major attractions to the city is NASA Houston Tours that allow you to view information and exhibits related to the space program, including exciting features like zero gravity simulation. These NASA Houston tours start around 9:30 in the morning each day and the visit to the space museum lasts for five hours. You'll start with watching films about the history of space shuttles and space travel in general in the U.S. and you'll get the chance to see amazing structures and hardware like a full sized space shuttle and Saturn rocket. You don't even have to travel to take these NASA Houston Tours, as the van will pick up from hotels in their pickup area and drive you to the museum, where you'll spend around 5 and a half hours inside the walls taking in sights like zero gravity simulations, … [Read more...]

Three Houston Tours That You Should Try


The top three Houston tours start with the Helicopter tour from Danbury, which last an entire hour. Since the area has great weather pretty much all year, the Helicopter Tour is almost always available and is just around $500 for an hour long flight that allows you to see part of Houston, the city of Galveston, Texas and the beach as well as some other amazing sights during your sixty minute flight. The $563 fare to fly around in a helicopter for an hour is for two people, as long as together they weight a maximum of 400 pounds. Houston Tours offered on board a pontoon boat may be one of the best ways to explore all that Houston has to offer. These Houston tours navigate the bayou and waterways around the city, and allow you to learn about the history of the bayou, as well as see some incredible … [Read more...]