Fun Houston Attractions for Families


One of the best Houston attractions for families is the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences which encompasses an amazing amount of disciplines including wildlife that is native to Texas as well as a dinosaur exhibit. This king of scientific Houston attractions for families also features a world glass gem and mineral collection and displays some of the earliest cultures in America. Also, the museum has the Butterfly Center, in which they have created an actual rainforest environment and features the ability to walk among hundreds of fluttering butterflies and check out the insect zoo inside the center. The museum also includes an IMAX theater and a planetarium. Next, on our list of Houston attractions for families is the Battleship Texas, which also features the San Jacinto Monument and Museum. … [Read more...]

Downtown Houston Attractions for Adults


One of the most highly rated Houston attractions for adults is the National Museum of Funeral History. We all will die someday, and exploring the fascinating history behind funerals and burials may be a little bit morbid, but this listing of Houston attractions for adults is extremely educational. The museum features the largest collection of funeral artifacts and items in the country, and includes hearses as they have progressed through history as well as artifacts from famous funerals such as the funerals of Elvis Presley, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Martin Luther King Jr, and JFK. The Galleria Mall is another great one on the list of Houston attractions for adults, a massive mall that boasts its own ice skating rink and valet parking. The shops number in the hundreds, and there are more than … [Read more...]

Top Houston Attractions for Kids


If you have kids and are planning to visit Texas, then you might want to keep in mind some of these Houston attractions for kids, which are fun and educational attractions that your children are sure to love. The first on our list, and should be first on anyone's list who is visiting Houston is the Museum District. This tops our list of Houston attractions for kids because of the educational value, but the district isn't just a museum – it's a collection of some of the best in the country, include the Museum of Fine Arts, Holocaust Museum, and the McGovern Health Museum with a 4D theater. Of course many people get excited when they think of Houston, because it houses the NASA Program, and the NASA astronaut corps, or Space Camp in other words. The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is a huge … [Read more...]

Houston Attractions You’ve Never Heard Of


If you are visiting Houston, you may want to take a look at some of the Houston attractions off the beaten path, because they can offer an experience that tourists rarely get to have. Here are some of our favorite Houston attractions that most tourists don't know about. The first is the Forbidden Gardens in Katy, Texas, an outdoor museum showcasing replicas of some of the most amazing attractions in China, and giving those who have never been, or don't plan to go in the near future, a fairly close experience to the real thing. Another great one on the list of Houston attractions you probably haven't heard of is the King's Orchard, where you wander an amazing array of fruit trees and plants, and pick whatever you want. You'll place the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables that you have picked … [Read more...]

Top Houston Attractions That Cost Nothing


At the beginning of our list of top Houston attractions that cost nothing is the Miller Outdoor Theater. You can bring a lawn chair or sit on the grass, as well as sit under the canopy to enjoy the shows put on Spring through Fall. The theater is supported by the Houston Parks & Recreation Department and the shows range from musical acts that encompass folk to opera, as well as plays that include Shakespeare, and hilarious comedies and even include full length Broadway musicals. The theater also sometimes has children's programs. Did we mention there is no cost to watch for these top Houston attractions? If you haven't yet been to our next listing of top Houston attractions that cost nothing then you should go at least once, but be aware that you may find yourself moved to tears. The … [Read more...]