Fun Houston Attractions for Families

One of the best Houston attractions for families is the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences which encompasses an amazing amount of disciplines including wildlife that is native to Texas as well as a dinosaur exhibit. This king of scientific Houston attractions for families also features a world glass gem and mineral collection and displays some of the earliest cultures in America. Also, the museum has the Butterfly Center, in which they have created an actual rainforest environment and features the ability to walk among hundreds of fluttering butterflies and check out the insect zoo inside the center. The museum also includes an IMAX theater and a planetarium.

Next, on our list of Houston attractions for families is the Battleship Texas, which also features the San Jacinto Monument and Museum. The battleship, called the U.S.S. Texas, was built in 1914 and this iron addition to our list of Houston attractions for families should not even be there for you to check out. The battleship fought on both the Atlantic and the Pacific and is the last of this kind of dreadnought battleship. You’ll be able to check out the small caliber on board weapons, view the crew’s quarters and even see the ship’s engine room. Then check out the monument while you are there.

The Children’s Museum of Houston may be one of the best Houston attractions for families, created specifically for children, where they can relate to the world on their own terms. The museum may blur the line between playhouse and museum, but one thing is for sure, this interesting and kid-friendly addition to our list of Houston attractions for families will thrill your kids. The exterior was designed by Robert Venturi and Jackson and Ryan architects of Houston, and the museum is open to children twelve years old and younger.

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