Downtown Houston Attractions for Adults

One of the most highly rated Houston attractions for adults is the National Museum of Funeral History. We all will die someday, and exploring the fascinating history behind funerals and burials may be a little bit morbid, but this listing of Houston attractions for adults is extremely educational. The museum features the largest collection of funeral artifacts and items in the country, and includes hearses as they have progressed through history as well as artifacts from famous funerals such as the funerals of Elvis Presley, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Martin Luther King Jr, and JFK.

The Galleria Mall is another great one on the list of Houston attractions for adults, a massive mall that boasts its own ice skating rink and valet parking. The shops number in the hundreds, and there are more than fifty different restaurants in this gargantuan addition to our list of Houston attractions for adults. The mall includes arts and crafts stores, many different clothing stores catering to every style and person, toy stores, electronics stores and five incredibly large department stores including Macy’s, Nieman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

One of the Houston attractions that you should visit at least once is one of the only Houston attractions for adults that is free of charge. The Holocaust Museum shows in vivid detail exactly what the Holocaust was all about, featuring a tour in picture and film. Although you may not want to remember this low point in human history, it is our responsibility to ensure nothing like that ever happens again, and you can’t help but be moved when you visit this Houston attractions for adults. There is a boat and a train car outside by the Memorial Gardens as well.

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