How to Find Houston Nightlife Events


If you are going to Houston for a vacation or getaway and you are looking for some night time events the night or nights that you are there, then here are some tips for finding Houston nightlife events so that you'll have something to do at night. One of the best places to look for Houston nightlife events is the community calendar that many of the newspapers publish, especially the art oriented weeklies. They will almost always have a great list of things to do in downtown Houston including concerts, plays and more. Often bars and clubs in Houston will have special events and guest Deejays or musicians. You may want to call around to some of the bars nearby and ask around, or better yet, go to a bar or club nearby and just ask some of the locals what sort of things are happening in town. … [Read more...]

The Best Midtown Houston Nightlife


Midtown Houston is an incredible part of the city and a great place to have a night out on the town. Midtown Houston nightlife is some of the best in the city, and from Midtown you can pretty much go anywhere, as it is the transportation hub for the city. Midtown Houston nightlife includes many student bars and nightclubs as well as a great deal of restaurants and other night time entertainment. Midtown is growing quickly, and if you have a hotel there or travel there from another part of your town you will thoroughly enjoy your night. One of the top Midtown Houston nightlife spots is McGonigel's Mucky Duck, which is the quintessential big city Irish pub. McGonigel's features live music and beers on tap and is one of the most popular Midtown Houston Nightlife spots to grab a beer and experience … [Read more...]

The Best Downtown Houston Hotels


Texas Street in Houston holds the first of the best downtown Houston hotels, the Lancaster. This hotel was built in 1926, and is surrounded by all of the various performing venues of the theater district. It is decorated with 18th century art and antiques and the telephones have modem ports. Fax lines and two line speaker phone capability. When you aren't hanging out in your room, or in one of the many other activity rooms this best of downtown Houston hotels offers you can visit the Bistro Lancaster, which has American food from the region as well as lobster fettuccine and black caviar. The next on our list of the best downtown Houston hotels is the Hotel Icon, a modern styled hotel with bold colors and extremely high quality furniture, as well as incredibly large bathrooms that either … [Read more...]

Port of Houston Tours


One of the best Port of Houston tours is the San Houston Boat Tour, which is one of the only Port of Houston tours that is absolutely free. Named for the commander of the military that led troops to fight for the independence of Texas from Mexico, the Sam Houston is one of the most enjoyable Port of Houston tours that you'll find, with a ninety minute boat ride, including the whole round trip travel, along the channel for Houston ships. This is a tour that should not be missed on your next vacation, or stay in the Houston area. The ship leaves the Sam Houston Pavilion, and you'll pass through all of the traffic at one of the busiest ports on the globe, including international cargo vessels, and the Turning Basin Terminal. Up to ninety people can fit on the boat, and the lounge seating on … [Read more...]

Houston Nightlife Downtown Tourist Tips


Houston is the largest city is the not inconsiderable state of Texas, and the fourth largest city in the country and if you are traveling there and looking to check out Houston nightlife downtown, there are some factors that you should keep in mind while visiting Houston nightlife downtown hotspots so that you stay safe and have a great time on your vacation without spending more money than you want to. If you are familiar with big cities, then you may already be aware of a few of these tips, but there are some things specific to Houston that you should know as well. The first thing that you should know about Houston nightlife downtown is that downtown Houston is large, laid out over a giant one hundred and eight square mile area and it is split into the Historic District, with the University … [Read more...]

Fun Houston Attractions for Families


One of the best Houston attractions for families is the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences which encompasses an amazing amount of disciplines including wildlife that is native to Texas as well as a dinosaur exhibit. This king of scientific Houston attractions for families also features a world glass gem and mineral collection and displays some of the earliest cultures in America. Also, the museum has the Butterfly Center, in which they have created an actual rainforest environment and features the ability to walk among hundreds of fluttering butterflies and check out the insect zoo inside the center. The museum also includes an IMAX theater and a planetarium. Next, on our list of Houston attractions for families is the Battleship Texas, which also features the San Jacinto Monument and Museum. … [Read more...]

Downtown Houston Attractions for Adults


One of the most highly rated Houston attractions for adults is the National Museum of Funeral History. We all will die someday, and exploring the fascinating history behind funerals and burials may be a little bit morbid, but this listing of Houston attractions for adults is extremely educational. The museum features the largest collection of funeral artifacts and items in the country, and includes hearses as they have progressed through history as well as artifacts from famous funerals such as the funerals of Elvis Presley, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Martin Luther King Jr, and JFK. The Galleria Mall is another great one on the list of Houston attractions for adults, a massive mall that boasts its own ice skating rink and valet parking. The shops number in the hundreds, and there are more than … [Read more...]

Cheap Downtown Houston Hotels


If you are looking for Cheap downtown Houston Hotels, then you might want to check out these recommendations. The first hotel on our list is the La Quinta Inn and Suites, which is in the Galleria area of Houston, with easy access to the Galleria Mall as well as Memorial park. The hotel features an outdoor pool, health club and spa tub as well as a fitness center and even has a twenty four hour business center included. The hotel makes our least of the some of the nicest cheap downtown Houston hotels because it is just $69 a night. Champion's Lodge is another of the cheap downtown Houston hotels, with rates less than fifty dollars a night. Nearby is the Champion's Golf Club and the AMC 24 Theaters. As for the hotel itself, it features a outdoor pool and you can get room service in your room … [Read more...]

NASA Houston Tours Information


One of the major attractions to the city is NASA Houston Tours that allow you to view information and exhibits related to the space program, including exciting features like zero gravity simulation. These NASA Houston tours start around 9:30 in the morning each day and the visit to the space museum lasts for five hours. You'll start with watching films about the history of space shuttles and space travel in general in the U.S. and you'll get the chance to see amazing structures and hardware like a full sized space shuttle and Saturn rocket. You don't even have to travel to take these NASA Houston Tours, as the van will pick up from hotels in their pickup area and drive you to the museum, where you'll spend around 5 and a half hours inside the walls taking in sights like zero gravity simulations, … [Read more...]

Exploring Downtown Houston Nightlife


If you are traveling to Houston for some fun, then you may want to check out some of the downtown Houston nightlife, which is a treat for anyone, featuring some amazing restaurants, bars, clubs, eateries and theater as well as cinema. The dress code differs depending upon where you are going, with most clubs and bars encouraging smart stylish clothing, while some of the smaller bars and pubs going casual. The bars stay open until 2:00 a.m., and for those who want to experience this downtown Houston nightlife we have a list of some of the best. For live music and downtown Houston nightlife, you can check out The Continental Club, which features rockabilly, alternative rock and sometimes country music, as well as the Red Cat Jazz Cafe which features dining to wonderful Jazz and Blues tunes. … [Read more...]