A Taste of Houston Nightlife

If you are visiting the city of Houston, Texas, whether you are on a family vacation, or you are just going on a romantic getaway you’ll want to experience a taste of Houston nightlife, which offers some of the best entertainment, nightclubs and night time entertainment in general, in the country. If you have chosen a hotel near downtown you will be close to most of the great night time venues that Houston has to offer, but there are a few places for Houston nightlife that you simply can’t miss even if they are out of the way for you.

If a classy jazz joint is your cup of tea, then you might want to check out the Red Cat Jazz Cafe, a restaurant housed in a historic building at Market Square. You’ll dine to delightful jazz and blues music, with delicious Cajun style food and original art showcased on the walls.

Perhaps your Houston nightlife favorite is a dance club where you can let loose and shake it up on the floor. This dance club tops our list of Houston nightlife because it models the sort of stylized clubs you might find in Greenwich Village in New York. Next is a dance club with true style, which is hard to find.

South Beach may not be for everyone, but one this is for sure, this hip gay club is on our list of Houston nightlife because it is a favorite among many in Houston. The music always has a beat, the clothes are always stylish and the bar shoots streams of liquid ice to cool down the patrons.

Last in our recommendations for Houston nightlife is a more family friendly place, but can also be great for couples, the Kemah Boardwalk offers fun for all, including rides, restaurants, games and everything an amusement park has to offer.

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